Prime Exposure Same Day Sealer

Prime Exposure Same Day Sealer

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Product Specs

  • Solids (PBW): 28% plus or minus 1%
  • UV Light: Very good resistance
  • Thinning: Prime Xylene
  • Recommended Film Build: 100 microns
  • Application Rate: 3-4 m²/litre/coat
  • Film Build Wet: 300 microns
  • 50 micron dry film cured for 28 days at 25oC before
  • Testing with 1 hour soak

Product Description

Prime Exposure Same Day Sealer is made using the finest acrylic polymers and is blended in Australia for Australian conditions.

Prime Same Day Sealer is ready to use and can be applied directly to green curing concrete. 

It retains a wet/semi-gloss appearance, it also minimises substrate preparation and protects the surface whilst not allowing efflorescence to rise through it. 

Our Same Day Sealer requires a second coat of either Prime Standard Sealer or Prime Coloured Sealer as the breathable resin in not as UV resistant or durable.

Coverage:  Approximately 80m2 per 20 Litre Drum

Coverage will vary depending on substrate porosity.