36" & 46" Walk Behind Trowel Universal Blades

Madewell Products offers a complete line of universal finishing and combination blades for most walk-behind power trowels.

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Highest-Quality Power Trowel Blades

Australian-owned and operated, Madewell Products supplies premium, innovative concrete equipment and components that are shaping the future of concrete construction.

Our mission is to make the perfect concrete structure easier, safer and more efficient to achieve, through every stage. From design through to forming, reinforcement, placement, finishing and measuring, we are focused on helping you build concrete floors so straight they defy the curvature of the earth.

Our 36" and 46" Range

Our range of blades are suited to most major manufacturers of walk-behind power trowles.

  • Finish Plastic
    Steel Reinforced Blade
  • Combo Edger Silver Blade
  • Combo Blade
  • Gold Flat Finishing Blade

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Or call us (03) 9770 8491
Mon to Fri, 8AM-5PM