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GFRP–The Perfect Alternative
To Steel Reo Mesh & Bars

Lower costs–With every slab!

Stay competitive as a concrete contractor when quoting driveway, footpath or shed slab jobs by switching from steel to glass fiber reinforcement.

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Glass Fiber vs. Steel Rebar Savings Estimator

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Slab dimensions: ㎡; 100-125mm slab thickness

  SL72 Reo Mesh SL82 Reo Mesh SL92 Reo Mesh
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Costs per ㎡ Steel $/㎡ vs. GFRP $/㎡ Steel $/㎡ vs. GFRP $/㎡ Steel $/㎡ vs. GFRP $/㎡

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Our Glass Fibre Product Range


What is GFRP?

GFRP stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer and is available in different bar shapes and sizes for reinforcing concrete structures. To be clear–GFRP is not a plastic! GFRP reinforcement bars are made by weaving high-quality glass fibres into a fabric before being impregnated with polymers and formed into a round bar.

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Customer Reviews

Read what other concreters say about switching from steel to glass fiber reinforcement.

“Steel prices have made standard rebar a very expensive part of concreting. Kraftur® recently engineered a way to replace it with Glass Fibre Reinforced Reinforcing (GFRP) on an industrial freezer project. Pursuing market leadership is all about finding the best ways to create value for your customers. When those solutions are also safer and easier to work with, you are onto a winner.”
Adrian Prevost, Kraftur, (

“After a test slab we noticed how easy it was to use it. We were surprised how many less cracks we get when using GFRP instead of steel. It’s a lot easier to carry and install, especially when you’re all by yourself. I believe it's the future of reinforcement!”
Tim Egan from Time Egan Concrete (@timeganconcrete)

“It is such a versatile product. We started using it in driveways and footpaths, then concrete benchtops and now in pool builts. With every job where we can choose GFRP over steel we choose GFRP–without hesitation!”
Damian Oliveri, Oliveri Construction (@oliveri_construction)

What are other benefits of GFRP compared to steel?

Non-corrosive, non-conductive

GFRP composition means it’s the perfect reinforcement solution for environments exposed to water, salt, humidity, high voltage currents and magnetic fields. One bar – all applications.

2x stronger than steel

A unique threaded surface creates a super strong bond with concrete. No heating up of rebar and loss of strength. 2x the tensile strength of steel and 20x the fatigue resistance. And no ongoing maintenance means time and money saved over it’s long lifespan.

75% lighter than steel

A lightweight GFRP composition means it’s easy to handle and transport, but extremely durable in any environment – guaranteed to last.

Lower carbon footprint & longer lasting than steel

It has been proven by research that the carbon footprint of GFRP reinforcement is less than steel. For example, in one of these studies, it is found that the GFRP-reinforced pedestrian bridge reduced the total carbon emissions by about 43% compared to a steel-reinforced pedestrian bridge (link to study).

Prices of GFRP are less likely to increase compared to steel

Our glass fiber MST BAR® has a much lesser likelihood of price increases as compared to steel rebar which keeps costs low.

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