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MST BAR ™ - Anchor Bar (GFRP Rebar)
MST BAR ™ - Anchor Bar (GFRP Rebar)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, MST BAR ™ - Anchor Bar (GFRP Rebar)

MST BAR ™ - Anchor Bar (GFRP Rebar)

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MST BAR™ reduces anchorage length, congestion, and construction time while providing superior performance. A great alternative to standard hooks throughout your concrete structure, from pile anchorage to beam/column joints.

MST BAR™ anchor head is manufactured with a special tool that makes them extremely economical, while having a very high bond strength to concrete. MST BAR™ anchor head is durable in any harsh environment without any sign of corrosion and is very impact resistant.

Available in various lengths (10mm - 25mm)


Nominal Size Pull-Out Capacity (kN) Head Length (mm) Head Diameter (mm)
#5 (15MM) >110kN 100 38
#6 (20MM) >150kN 100 54
#8 (25MM) >190kN 100 72

Maximum strength GFRP

MST BAR™ is a trailblazing solution to concrete reinforcement - a glass fibre reinforced polymer composite bar that’s strong, lightweight, sustainable and doesn’t corrode. Ever. It’s the perfect alternative to steel.

Non-corrosive, Non-conductive
MST BAR™ is non-corrosive and non-conductive. It’s the perfect reinforcement solution for environments exposed to water, salt, humidity, high voltage currents and magnetic fields.

Stronger and lighter than steel
A unique threaded surface creates a super strong bond with concrete. No heating up of rebar and loss of strength. 2x the tensile strength of steel and 20x the fatigue resistance. A lightweight GFRP composition means it’s easy to handle and transport, but extremely durable in any environment - guaranteed to last.

Re-think rebar and take the lead with MST BAR™, a premium rebar solution.