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Worldwide leader

Allen Engineering Corporation is a world-renowned innovative leader in the concrete industry, manufacturing a premier line of concrete placing, finishing and paving equipment. We stock ride on and walk behind power trowels, vibrate backpacks, floats, pans and blades ready to be shipped Australia-wide.

Improves floor flatness

Allen Engineering equipment is specifically designed to help improve concrete floor flatness, measured by F-Numbers, and improve daily production speed and quality.

Contractor tough

Each piece of Allen Equipment is designed and built to be "contractor tough" so it can stand up to the most challenging job-site conditions created by concrete contractors.

40 products
  • Allen Aluminium Snap Handles in 1.8m Length
  • Allen Backpack 'Concrete Vibrator' BP-50
  • Allen Channel Float 8' (2.4m)
  • Allen Check Rod 8' (2.4m)
  • Allen Dolly Jacks (Set of 2)
  • Allen Equalizer Adjusting Head
  • Allen Float Pan - Allen Flat 36”
  • Allen Float Pan - Allen Flat 62.5”