VROD 10mm GFRP MESH (2.95mx2.95m) 60 GPa

VROD 10mm GFRP MESH (2.95mx2.95m) 60 GPa

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Product Description

V-ROD® is the reinforcing solution of the future. Trust in this sustainable rebar is shown by its qualification and presence in the main construction codes, as well as its adoption in the standards of authorities of many Canadian provinces, American states, and metropolitan cities around the world.


Bridges, Restraints Systems and Bridge Decks

Diaphgram Walls

Building Structures
Multistory Parking Garages, Balconies, Foundations & Slabs-On-Grade

MRI Equipment Rooms, Automate Tool Booths, Electrical Substations

Marine Applications
Wharves, Seawalls & Breakwaters

Water Treatments
Drinking Water & Wasterwater

Industrial Applications
Aluminium Smelters

Civil Engineering Works
Retaining Walls

Architectural Concrete
Residential & Commercial Building Structures

Anchorages & Structures


V-ROD® GFRP is made in Canada and it is an excellent replacement for conventional types of steel rebar.

 75% Lighter Than Steel
¼ the weight of steel – less labour, less freight, faster & safer on-site handling

 Corrosion-free reinforcement
perfect for highly corrosive environments (exposed to water, salt & humidity)

 Higher Bond Strength
increasing the rebar spacing

 High tensile strength
2x times greater than steel

 Cuttable reinforcement
TBM tunnel development and soft-eyes

 Non-conductive reinforcement
perfect solution for high voltage currents and magnetic fields.

 Non-magnetic reinforcement
hospital & laboratory applications

 Risk free alternative to epoxy coated steel, galvanised rebar and stainless steel – (no accelerated corrosion or anodal corrosion due to scratches during on-site handling)

low carbon footprint

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Download the below technical data sheets of our 46 GPa, 50 GPa and 60 GPa V-ROD® products. Our GFRP engineering team will be happy to assist you in the selection and development with glass fibre reinforcement products in your projects.