Prime Exposure Hill Assist Retarder

Prime Exposure Hill Assist Retarder

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Product Description

Prime Hill Assist Retarder is the equivalent to Prime Retarder but has been formulated with a thicker viscosity to avoid runoffs down gradients and vertical surfaces.  Prime Hill Assist Retarder works by delaying the set of the surface cement exposing the aggregate in the concrete.


The easy to see fluorescent green colour ensures even coverage, reducing missed or non-covered areas.

The viscosity of Prime Exposure Hill Assist Retarder has been formulated with a thicker viscosity to avoid runoffs on gradients and vertical surfaces.

Improved surface adhesion which will increase its retarding power.

Reduced wash off times due to superior performance in warm or windy conditions to that of other retardants on the market.

A large distributor network, so wherever the job you will be able to find a Prime Exposure stockist.

Unsurpassed level of surface exposure, providing an even finish and polish of stone

Coverage:  Approximately 70-90m2 per 20 Litre Drum