MST BAR ™ - L-shaped (Corner) Bar (GFRP Rebar)

MST BAR ™ - L-shaped (Corner) Bar (GFRP Rebar)

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Maximum strength GFRP

MST-BAR™ Bend manufactured with highest grade of modified vinyl-ester/glass fibre bend rebar that has above 75% (CSA S807 requirement is 45%) retention of strength at bend portion in comparison to straight portion with extremely low coefficient of variation (<5%). That means the micro-fibres inside the bend are extremely well aligned to cary the load at bend, as it is supposed to.

MST-BAR™ Bend is free of buckling, voids, easy on hands and prefabricated in perfect bend shape that you will not be able to distinguish between steel and GFRP bend.

MST-BAR™ can be bent in to any shape - 2D (along X,Y), 3D (along X,Y,Z) and Spiral (round or square). The minimum bend radius is 5.5 times the diameter of the bar.

Available in various lengths (10mm - 25mm)


  • We ship Australia-wide.
  • Cut to size services available
  • Customised fibreglass FRP L-shapes, stirrups and other shapes available on request


MST BAR is a trailblazing solution to concrete reinforcement - a glass fibre reinforced polymer composite bar that’s strong, lightweight, sustainable and doesn’t corrode. Ever. It’s the perfect alternative to steel.

Non-corrosive, Non-conductive

MST BAR™ is non-corrosive and non-conductive. It’s the perfect reinforcement solution for environments exposed to water, salt, humidity, high voltage currents and magnetic fields.

Stronger and lighter than steel

A unique threaded surface creates a super strong bond with concrete. No heating up of rebar and loss of strength. 2x the tensile strength of steel and 20x the fatigue resistance. A lightweight GFRP composition means it’s easy to handle and transport, but extremely durable in any environment - guaranteed to last.

Re-think rebar and take the lead with MST BAR™, a premium rebar solution.