Ligchine Screedsaver Pro Plus

Ligchine Screedsaver Pro Plus

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Jimmy Savvas
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Jimmy has over 20+ years experience in concreting, screeding and finishing, walk-behind and power-trowels.


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Product Description

Introducing the Ligchine SCREEDSAVER™ PRO PLUS. The PRO PLUS is the culmination of 15 years of experience building laser guided screeds. Taking advantage of frame levelling technology that makes achieving FF/FL specifications not only possible but repeatable on a daily basis. The PRO PLUS has SCREEDSHIFT™ technology that was first developed on the MAX PLUS allowing the operator to move the screed head around obstacles and penetrations without rotating the head. The PRO PLUS also utilizes a rotating undercarriage for versatility and speed when operating in smaller or congested areas. With an increased auger size, longer boom reach and wider head, the PRO PLUS is highly productive in all applications from warehouse floors to exterior multiple slope pavements.  All these features are achieved while keeping the size and weight of the machine compact, providing the ability to transport the machine with a ¾ ton truck and trailer.