Husqvarna Excel XL6-1000ND Late Entry Soff Cut Skid/Blade

Husqvarna Excel XL6-1000ND Late Entry Soff Cut Skid/Blade

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Product Description

Husqvarna 542756281 (XL6-1000ND) 150mm (6") XL6-1000ND Soff Cut Diamond Blade

Husqvarna’s range of specially designed Soff-Cut diamond blades for early entry sawing provide highly efficient, stable and convenient operation in trap rock, chert, quartz and limestone concrete. Included with every blade is an anti-ravel skid plate. The combination of saw, plate and diamond blade enables you to cut on the same day as the concrete is poured, without the concrete chipping or spalling. All saw blades feature the unique triangular arbor configuration. The blades are engineered for operation with different machines from Husqvarna’s range of ultra-early entry saws. All Husqvarna early entry blades are from the Gold category, which is ideal for specialist contractors and is developed for intensive professional use.

Suitable for:

  • Ultra hard materials
  • Green concrete


  • Diameter: 150mm
  • Segments: 12
  • Segment shape: Flat
  • Bore: Soff-Cut triangular
  • Segment dimensions (W x H): 2.4mm x 7mm