Flextool Walking Tool - Steel Float 150mm x 380mm

Flextool Walking Tool - Steel Float 150mm x 380mm

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Product Description

Flextool Walking Tool Steel Float is designed to create a non-slip finish on the concrete surface, also known as a stippled or coved finish, which is common in outdoor paving. It produces a finer texture than wood floats, and is more durable and longer wearing due to its stainless-steel blade. A steel float is sometimes referred to as a ÔSides UpÕ trowel, due to the steel blade that is turned up all round the edges. Flextool Steel Float can also be used for trowelling dry shake materials into the top surface of the concrete. Flextool Walking Tool Steel Float should be used with Telescopic Extension or Clip-Together Handle.

- Stainless steel fabrication
- Durable and long lasting
- Creates a non-slip finish
- Size: 150 mm width x 380 mm length