Flextool Profinish Ride-On Power Trowel FP836-3

Flextool Profinish Ride-On Power Trowel FP836-3

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Product Description

The Flextool Profinish series 3 of Ride-On Power Trowels offer exceptional power-to-weight ratios and they are the ultimate force in tackling concrete pours of all sizes. Powerful engines deliver maximum performance to the heavy-duty gearboxes resulting in a perfect finish every time.

- High-performance Honda GX690 27 hp engine to withstand the rigors and demands of panning and finishing
- Easy access frame design simplifies maintenance and offers convenient access to all serviceable components
- Mechanical steering through twin stick multi-directional levers providing improved feel and precise steering control
- Double lifting hooks for easy, safe and balanced onsite handling
- Heavy-duty CVT drive system providing variable drive ratios to maintain torque and speed during all phases of trowelling
- Heavy-duty gearbox and spider for the toughest panning, floating and finishing applications
- LED lights for night-time and indoor work

- Model: FP836-3
- Engine and power: Honda GX690 27 hp
- Fuel type: Petrol
- Trowel diameter: 915 mm (36 inch)
- Operating weight: 385 kg
- Number of blades: 8
- Speed range: 50-140 rpm
- Blade pitch (max): 30 degrees