Flextool Brick Saw FBS-36E

Flextool Brick Saw FBS-36E

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Product Description

The Flextool Brick and Masonry Saw FBS-36E offers high precision cutting of bricks and building blocks. A mitre guide and locking mechanism allows for customised and precise cutting on a wide range of angles. Designed with a trolley equipped with pneumatic wheels and handles for easy set up and manoeuvrability. User safety is at the core of its design with debris and blade guards and water flow control system for dust suppression.

- Hinged blade guard for enhanced user protection and easy access to change the blade
- Equipped with locking mechanism to ensure precise and accurate cutting and enhance operator safety
- Foot pedal control allows operator to hold material when cutting
- Push button control for easy water flow control and dust suppression
- Conveyor cart with mitre guide for customised cutting on a wide range of angles
- Rubber splash guard for reduced water splash back and protection against the build up of slurry on critical components
- Foldaway pneumatic wheels for easy and safe onsite manoeuvrability and optimised stability during operation
- Electric motor plugs into a standard 240 volt / 10 amp power outlet
- Central lifting hook for easy and safe onsite handling

- Model: FBS-36E
- Motor and power: Electric 1.7 kW, 2.3 hp
- Voltage: 240 V, 50/60 Hz
- Max current: 10 A
- Max blade size: 355 mm (14 inch)
- Max cutting depth: 125 mm (5 inch)
- Max cutting length: 500 mm (19.7 inch)
- Operating weight: 110 kg (330 lb)
- Lifting hook: Yes