MAX Poly Coated Tie Wire (TW1061T-PC) 30 Coils

MAX Poly Coated Tie Wire (TW1061T-PC) 30 Coils

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Exclusive to Madewell Products 

TW1061T-PC MAX Poly Coated Tie Wire

TW1061T-PC is used exclusively for tying rebar with a MAX TwinTier RB441T, RB611T and RB-401T-E. Poly coated steel.
  • Wire steel is melted, annealed and drawn in the USA
  • Used for tying rebar

TW1061T-PC Capacity and Compatibility

Use TW1061T-PC poly coat tie wire with the RB441T TwinTier or the RB401T-E Stand-up TwinTier. With the RB441T you will get anywhere from 145 ties up to 265 ties per coil depending on rebar size. However, for the RB401T-E stand up rebar tying tool you will get anywhere from 155 to 260 ties per coil. Furthermore, the hassle free TW1061T-PC series with polyester coating tie wire comes without tape at the end. As a result, you can easily separate the wire and plastic reel after use. This results in less waste and less hassle.

What’s in the box?

Each case contains 30 easy to load coils or rebar tie wire. Each light weight coil weighs approximately 1 pound. Total case weight is approximately 30 pounds.