How To Save On Labour With Glass Fibre Reinforcement (GFRP)

Save Labour At Every Stage Of Construction

Running your own concreting team and struggling to win and complete jobs due to the lack of labour? With glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars you’ll be able to achieve both!

One person can easily carry, lay and cut an entire bundle (20 bars, enough to reinforce approximately 25m2 at 500C/C) of GFRP bars - alone! The amount of labour, setup and transportation costs will help you reduce your quotes on every job.

A single glass fibre rebar with a length of 5.8m and a diameter of 10mm weighs less than 1 KG.

A bundle of 20 bars weighs 18 KG. Light enough to carry for one person.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer bars are super easy to cut and less abrasive to bolt cutters or saws.


Save On Transport, Storage & Delivery Costs – Less Weight, Less Fuel & More Reinforcement Per Load

Glass fibre rebar in bundles of 20 bars (enough to reinforce 25m2 at 500C/C). Each bundle weighs around 18 KG. Light enough to load and unload for one single person.

Perfect for built-up areas where a crane truck is not accessible. No need to use a forklift or overhead crane which gives you a lot of flexibility. You can load up a ute, trailer or van with enough bar to get the job done. You can also park closer to the job site.

Many of our customers keep multiple bundles in their shed or factory and load up each morning.

And the best is – One rebar in length and diameter can replace all mesh sizes (SL62, 72, 82, 92 and 102) for shrinkage control by simply reducing the centres when laying and tying them together.


A Lot Easier To Handle & Carry – Prevent Injuries & Minimise Accidents 

Carrying conventional steel reinforcement i.e. mesh sheets is putting a lot of weight and stress onto your body causing chronic back, shoulder and laceration injuries. With GFRP you can be sure to get the job done by yourself.

Single bars are easy to carry, especially around small spaces and therefore a lot safer to handle than large, heavy steel sheets. 

Protect yourself and your team from injuries. Minimise damages to equipment and private property.


A Lot Easier To Set Up – One Bar To Replace All (SL62, SL72 & SL82)

No need to rush to your local steel mesh supplier asking for SL62, SL72 or SL82 a day before the job. Simply keep a few bundles on your ute, van or truck at all times and you have everything you need to get the next job done.

Remember, 200m2 equals approximately 140kg of glass fibre bars! 

When reinforcing with GFRP, simply mark your centre-to-centre spaces on the ground and start laying in 500-300 C/C’s.

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